Yoga  with    Missy 

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Building strength & space in the body & mind

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Yoga Instructor   
 NASM Certified Personal Trainer   
available for in-person or virtual training

Missy is a vinyasa style yoga instructor, teaching accessible classes for all levels that integrate a variety of disciplines and instruction is technique and alignment based.  Focus is on building functional strength, flexibility and balance - all important for daily life and preventing injuries. 

Missy completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in March 2018, received her NASM Certified Personal Training Certificate in April 2021 and is registered with Yoga Alliance.  She is also certified in Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth Athletes, Core Strength Vinyasa/Yoga Shred, and Teaching Children's Yoga.  Missy has attended numerous workshops and trainings including Teaching Yoga to Weightlifting Athletes, Yoga Sequencing, Anatomy, Injury Prevention, Power + Precision + Mindfulness in Vinyasa Yoga and Science of Movement in Yoga.   Missy is grateful for her teachers and continues to be a life long learner in this practice. 

Missy is passionate about fitness - it's been a core part of her daily life. Missy believes it is essential for the mind, body and overall health and wellness.  Her regimes include running (with her dog), Pilates, various cross-training routines and playing sports with her family.  Missy did Yoga on her 'rest days' for a good stretch.  It wasn't until she was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 2014 and her therapist pushed her to do yoga more consistently that she discovered that Yoga is Magic.  It is more than just moving and stretching the body.  When practiced with consistency it changes us physically and mentally, allowing us to live the best version of ourselves.  Yoga is the whole package.

The mental and physical benefits Missy experienced from Yoga have been transformational.  Yoga has helped improve her performance in running, golf, tennis and most importantly in LIFE.  It has inspired her and continues to teach her to be present and mindful.

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