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Fitness has been a core part of Missy's daily life for as long as she can remember.  Her regime included a lot of running, supplemented with Pilates and various cardio routines.  Missy did Yoga on her 'rest days' for a good stretch.  It wasn't until she was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 2014 and her therapist pushed her to do yoga more consistently that she discovered that Yoga is Magic.  It is more than just moving and stretching the body.  When practiced with consistency it changes us physically and mentally, allowing us to live the best version of ourselves.  Yoga is the whole package.

The mental and physical benefits Missy experienced from Yoga have been transformational.  Yoga has helped improve her performance in running, golf, tennis and most importantly in LIFE.  It has inspired her and continues to teach her to be present and mindful.

Missy completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in March 2018 and is registered with Yoga Alliance.  Missy is grateful for her teacher and all she has taught her and will continue to be a life long learner in this practice. 

In Missy's Vinyasa Flow classes she hopes to pass on the passion she has for yoga with creative and functional sequencing with sprinkles of inspiration along the way.  Her hope is for you to walk away from your mat feeling energized from a workout that has built strength and flexibility and that you'll carry over the mindfulness learned on the mat into your everyday lives.

Brigid Hecht Photography
Brigid Hecht Photography

Virtual Classes

Week of 7/13

Mon. 7/13 - 8:15 am   Summer Flow for Strength & Balance

60 mins

Build physical and mental strength in this

vinyasa flow class


T. 7/14 & TH. 7/16 - 7:30 am H.I.I.T & Yoga*

30 mins

$6/class OR 2 classes/$10

* This class will get your heart rate up and offers low and high impact options -

so it is great for all levels

We will build total body strength, increase flexibility, balance and mindfulness.

You'll feel strong and energized at the end of class.

*Optional: set of weights or water bottles/cans of soup

(H.I.I.T = High Intensity Interval Training is where we have short bursts of 'work' with active rest in between.  It's a great way to burn fat, tone your muscles and boost your overall health).

1:1 Sessions also available - see below for more details

Stay tuned for single pop-up classes and

3-4 part series classes

To take a class:

* you will need to sign a waiver (I will email one to you if you haven't filled one out already)

* Pay via:


Venmo: @Missy-Carta

* Let me know what class(es) you want to take (night before the class at the latest) so I can send you the Zoom link and password 

Zoom ID #: 691-949-7623

6 Green Hill Road, Washington, CT

Mondays 8:15 am - Vinyasa Flow 

Stay tuned...

730 Main Street South   Southbury, CT

Stay tuned...

H.I.I.T Yoga Student Testimonials:

"I think the cardio intervals were perfect for me.  It wasn't too much but it was challenging.  Loved the modifications offered.  The community atmosphere is great.  I like classes where people laugh together and support each other.  I like that it's still yoga based but also getting a good workout and increasing my cardio endurance... Yoga with a kick!"  - Marilyn

"A nice blend of yoga poses and cardio exercises"

"I really like the H.I.I.T part of the class... it is a fun class.  Yoga with some Pilates and bursts of H.I.I.T mixed in.  I have found that this class actually gets my heart rate up better than other Yoga/Pilates fusion classes.  Nice length and thoughtful meditations."  - Nancy

Brigid Hecht Photography


Coaches, team captains and/or players - contact me to schedule a workshop/cross-training session with your sports team.  We will customize it to fit your needs (active recovery, team building, partner exercises) 

Private Sessions

Enhance physical & mental performance

flexibility ~ balance ~ strength ~ concentration ~ cross-training

reduce the risk of injury

Don't feel you're flexible? 

Looking to gain confidence and deepen your practice?

  Want to work on a particular region of the body? i.e. runners with tight hamstrings/outer hips?

Looking to cross-train? Add more mobility to compliment your Crossfit workouts?

Want more toned arms for summer?

Or would you like to focus on a particular pose? (crow, side plank variations or chaturanga, etc.)?

Stressed? Anxious?  We can work together to reduce stress and anxiety as well.

A Yoga practice is so beneficial - something to come back to in order to keep you balanced, sane and focused - especially in times that are challenging.

Just like in my group classes each class will build on each other so you will see your progress and growth over a short period of time - ideally 2 sessions/week for a consistent period of time.  Sessions will be tailored to meet your needs/goals.  Together we will collaborate a practice that supports you both in body and mind.

Contact me if you'd like to connect more about a personalized practice.

Sessions done online (for now) via Zoom

Corporate Classes

Interested in offering your employees yoga sessions after work?  Yoga classes on site is a great way to support the health, well-being and performance  of your employees. 

I teach with beginners in mind

so all levels of experience are welcome. 


Corporate Yoga Class Testimonials: 

"I have tried yoga multiple times and have never enjoyed it but Missy made me love it!  The cool down was my favorite as it gave me the only time in my week that I felt like I was doing something for myself.  Just her voice and the music choice alone made for a better experience compared to the others I have tried"  - Mallory

" Definitely reduced my stress levels and increased my flexibility.  I am highly impressed" - Karishma


"I was able to go after a long day at work and relax, stretch, and focus on my breathing to calm me after a long day"


"I love everything... easy to understand, clear directions.  I use some of the breathing techniques and mind relaxation daily.  Amazing. It is something everyone should try... you just feel relaxed and good afterward" - Diane W


"I really enjoyed the class... usually went in a bit stressed from the day but always left feeling better and happy that I took the time for myself. Missy is a great instructor.  Very easy to follow her instructions.... always provided words of encouragement and reminded us that everyone works at their own pace. You quickly learned not to compare yourself to the ability of others around you and that was liberating.  I was surprised how much I progressed." 



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