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Yoga & Personal Training
for Youth Athletes 


With the demands of sports and training, youth athletes can benefit hugely from Yoga - both physically and mentally.


Different sports involve specific demands and often repetitive motions.  Without attention to flexibility, mobility and balance, athletes risk injury and poor performance.

It is my mission to deliver classes that will help athletes build strength, flexibility, mobility and balance that directly contributes to training and is relevant and applicable to the specific sport. 


Incorporating Yoga not only helps create balance in the body (equal length to equal strength) but also improves the mental game with more focus, mental durability and coordination.


Coaches, team captains, parents and/or players - contact me to schedule a workshop/cross-training session with your sports team.  We will work together to customize a practice that fits your needs (active recovery, team building, partner exercises) and enhance physical and mental performance. 


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