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Personal Sessions


Personal Training

* custom workouts to meet your needs + goals, whether you are brand new to strength training, looking to train for an event or just want to build strength for everyday life. A holistic approach that will incorporate strength training, flexibility, mobility & balance work



* Perfect if you are a beginner or are looking for athletic recovery

Sessions available in-person, virtually (via Zoom)

or remotely with Kaari Prehab Bespoke Programming

Read what others are saying about their sessions

"Thank you for your diligence and enthusiasm. You are a terrific fitness trainer." 

"I can't thank you enough. Your knowledge and guidance has made it possible for me to play the game I love again.  When we first started I wasn't sure I'd be able to pay ball without pain in my knee and shoulder; now, I'm a week and a half into the season and my stats are way better than before my injury!"

"Thanks again for your help. After thinking I wasn't even going to be able to play this softball season, I've just been nominated to represent my team in the All-Star Game!"

"I can tell my balance is getting better. Putting on pants, I used to have to hold on to something. Now I don't!"

“Went to the driving range and I hit the ball further than I have in a long time - whatever we’re doing, it’s working!”
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