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4 Exercises to Build Core Strength - Yoga inspired

It's so important to have a strong core. Not only does it improve athletic performance but it helps with daily life activities. Core strength helps with balance, stability, low back pain and posture. Here are 4 exercises that will help build your core strength. You can do them separately or add them into your yoga practice.

Seated Series:

Sitting on your mat, bring the soles of your feet together, fingertips behind you for Baddha Konasana (1). Using your core muscles, open your legs up to come into a Wide legged seated position (2). Come back to Baddha Konasana and bring your knees together, feet on the mat. Balancing on your sit bones come into Boat pose with bent knees (3) or straight legs (4)

Repeat the 3- 5 times.

Sphinx - forearm plank:

Come into Sphinx pose - elbows directly under your shoulders, and interlace the fingers. As you inhale, lift the chest up and pull it forward. With your exhale, slowly roll up into forearm plank - lifting the belly, hips and then the thighs. Knees can stay down if that works better for you or you can curl the toes under, lift the knees to straighten the legs. Hold here. Then slowly roll down in reverse order… lower the knees, thighs, hips, belly and ribs and come back to Sphinx pose. Repeat 3- 5 times.

Locust hold:

Lying face down on your mat, imagine there is an ice cube under your belly button that you don’t want to melt, so engage your abs by drawing up and in - try not to let your belly push down into the mat. Arms are long down by your sides, palms down. Lift the chest, arms and feet off the mat. Your whole back body is working… upper, mid and lower back, glutes and hamstrings. Hold here for a few breaths and then lower down into a belly savasana for a breath or two. Repeat 3-5 times.

DD - plank with add ons:

Starting in Downward Facing Dog. Rock forward to plank. Hold plank, then as you exhale draw back into Down dog, scooping the belly and sending the hips high and back. Keep going a few times just like that. Inhale, rock forward to plank. Exhale to Down Dog.

If you want to add on:

From Down Dog, raise the Right leg high and rock forward to one legged plank. Hold here or raise and reach the Left arm forward to come into a 1 arm, 1 leg plank. Repeat 3- 5 times and if you choose the add on variation, do the same thing on the second side.

Hope you enjoy these exercises to build core strength. Let me know your favorite one below!

(As always this is for informational purposes only. Please listen to and respect your body and consult physician before doing any physical activity. Terms and conditions apply.)

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