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6 Benefits of Combining HIIT Training and Yoga

I love cardio - I’ve always loved running and just in the past few years I’ve added strength training into my fitness routine. So it seemed like a natural fit to get into HIIT training (short bursts of intense movement) and when I combine that with Yoga I get the ultimate workout. Movement, strength AND flexibility.

HIIT is a perfect compliment to Yoga. Yoga is great for creating flexibility, balance and mindfulness. When you add in HIIT you gain more strength, improve cardiovascular health and all while burning calories and fat.

Here are my 6 favorite benefits of combining HIIT and Yoga:

1. Gain strength and build muscle

HIIT targets fast-twitch muscle fibers (tighten and tone muscles) that Yoga does not. Yoga works on mostly slow-twitch fibers (which build stamina and endurance). Building total body strength helps with everything else you do in life… whether it be harder yoga poses, other fitness activities and definitely daily life. HIIT also provides impact which improves bone + joint health by building stronger bones.

2. Get’s your heart rate up

HIIT optimizes your oxygen capacity - you’ll be able to do all other types of exercise (running, cycling, etc.) with more ease.

3. Burn Fat and Calories

Get the most out of your workout in a shorter amount of time - working out in this high/low intensity time intervals gives you the After Burn Effect: you will continue to burn calories and fat that lasts from 12 - 48 hours after you workout.

4. Raises Metabolic Rate

HIIT workouts have shown to raise metabolism by up to 15% for 48 hours

5. Slows the aging process

HIIT has been shown to slow the aging process - when we use our energy we ‘charge’ up our cells, increasing blood flow and oxygen to the muscles therefore increasing efficiency and resilience of cells. This also protects ourselves from diseases.

6. Yoga helps prevent injury from HIIT training

Using Yoga for warm-ups and cool downs, you can gain joint and muscle flexibility, giving the muscles a release in order to prevent inflammation, strain or injury.

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