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Anyone with IT Band and outer hip tightness - this is for you!

Supine figure 4 twist

This twisted figure 4 stretch above is one of my favorites to unwind tension in this area of the body while also helping to soothe my nervous system as I rest and breathe. It gets into the IT band as well as surrounding hip muscles that pull on the IT band. Try it at home within your own practice or before bed as a wind-down.

Start by lying on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the mat. Take your right ankle over your left knee/thigh. Tip your lower body over to the left to bring the outside of the left knee/shin and bottom of your right foot, to the floor. Stay here for as long as feels comfortable and focus on your breath and sending the breath to the outer right hip and side leg area as it creates more spaciousness there.

To make the pose a bit more active and create strength in this end range: place your left hand on the top of your right foot and create the opposition of your foot pressing into your hand and the hand resisting that. Actively press the right knee open.

Repeat the passive stretch and/or strengthening variation on the second side.

Hope that was helpful - let me know how this feels for you!

(As always this is just my own opinion based off of my experience and knowledge at this time. There's always more to learn and consider as not all exercises and stretches work for everyone - so please honor and respect your body and do what is best for you!)

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