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Got neck, shoulder or upper back tension? Try these 3 strengthening movements

shoulder strengthening exercises

If you find yourself sitting, driving or working at a desk often you might experience some tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back region.

️ Technology, working at a computer all day, scrolling, driving, sitting and even some sports can put our shoulders into this rounded, forward and down position. Taking time to strengthen the backs of our shoulders can help bring our shoulders into a more optimal position and may even decrease the tension you may feel in this area.

Here are 3 movements you can incorporate into your yoga practice or exercise routine to help strengthen the posterior shoulder region.

low cobra pose

Low Cobra

-With your fingertips gently gripping the mat, create the action of pulling the mat back.

-Hug your upper arms and elbows in

-Lift front of shoulders up

-Draw shoulder blades in and down

-Hold for a few breaths and repeat

locust pose


- Palms facing down and raised up

- Draw shoulder blades toward each other and down

- Ever so slightly rotate forearms and palms away from your body

-Hold for a few breaths and repeat

lat pull down

Lat Pull downs

-Reach arms overhead and take them a little wider than shoulder width apart

-Against imaginary resistance pull down

-Imagine I'm pushing up on your elbows, resist that! Repeat slowly and with control

You can repeat each of these exercises as many times in a row as seems appropriate for you along with incorporating them multiple times a week to improve strength in this region.

Let me know how these feel for you in your body!

As always this is just my own opinion based on my experience and knowledge at this time. There’s always more to learn and consider. Not all exercises work for everyone, so please listen to your body and do what is best for you.

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