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H.I.I.T Yoga Student Testimonials

"I've been enjoying taking your Tuesday and Thursday Zoom sessions.  I love that it's a full body workout, helps me loosen up, relax and be more flexible.  I highly recommend the classes. Just knowing that I'll be more fit and healthy is enough motivation to show up"  - Lourdes

"I think the cardio intervals were perfect for me.  It wasn't too much but it was challenging.  Loved the modifications offered.  The community atmosphere is great.  I like classes where people laugh together and support each other.  I like that it's still yoga based but also getting a good workout and increasing my cardio endurance.  Yoga with a kick!   - Marilyn

"A nice blend of yoga poses and cardio exercises"

"I really like the H.I.I.T part of the class... it is a fun class.  Yoga with some Pilates and bursts of H.I.I.T mixed in.  I have found that this class actually gets my heart rate up better than other Yoga/Pilates fusion classes.  Nice length and thoughtful meditations"  -Nancy

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 Yoga Testimonials

"I have tried yoga multiple times and have never enjoyed it but Missy made me love it!  The cool down was my  favorite as it gave me the only time in my week that I felt like I was doing something for myself.  Just her voice and the music choice alone made for a better experience compared to the others I have tried"   - Mallory

"Definitely reduced my stress levels and increased my flexibility. I am highly impressed"  - Karishma

"I was able to go after a long day at work and relax, stretch and focus on my breathing to calm me after a long day"

"I love everything... easy to understand, clear directions.  I use some of the breathing techniques and mind relaxation daily.  Amazing.  It is something everyone should try... you just feel relaxed and good afterward"   - Diane W.

"I really enjoy class... usually went in a bit stressed from the day but always left feeling better and happy that I took the time for myself.  Missy is a great instructor.  Very easy to follow her instructions.... always provided words of encouragement and reminded us that everyone works at their own pace.  You quickly learned not to compare yourself to the ability of others around you and that was liberating.  I was surprised how much I progressed. 

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