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In Person Classes

I am currently focusing on personal training with clients (in-person or remotely via TrueCoach). Interested? I'd love to learn more about what you are looking for - head on over to the personal sessions tab to learn more and fill out a contact form!

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Read what others are saying about classes

"You really put a lot of thought into your classes, excellent instruction and a wonderful pace. I also enjoy the way you present the segments: in a soothing tone of voice, encouraging each one of us to listen to our bodies. Thank you for being our teacher!"

"I always feel better after I leave your class."

"Having been a teacher, I really appreciate the way you teach. You have a good way of cueing us. It really shows that you put a lot of planning and thought into your classes - they are not random."

"Your class made my day, no sore body parts afte
r one of your well balanced workouts."

"Missy's class is like a great big hug." 

""It's clear that you spend a lot of time planning out your classes for the month - I like the repetition and can see my progress over the weeks. I look forward to what each month is going to bring next."

"Since I've been coming to your class each week, I have felt that I have become stronger. I have no more pain in my feet or my knees and just feel stronger overall."

"You got every muscle in yesterday's class. Every. Single. One!"

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