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Virtual Classes

Check back frequently as schedule may vary


H.I.I.T & Yoga* 

Tuesdays & Thursdays

7:30 AM EST

switching to 7 am in Feb.

30 mins

$6/class OR 2 classes/$10

* This class will get your heart rate up and offers low and high impact options -

so it is great for all levels.

You will burn fat, tone your muscles and boost your overall health while building total body strength, increasing flexibility, balance and mindfulness.

You'll feel strong and energized at the end of class.

*Optional: set of weights or water bottles/cans of soup

Cross Training with Yoga

This well rounded class is designed as cross training for athletes (or anyone) with a balance of movement, strength building, core work and flexibility.


9:30 AM EST

30 mins


Coming in February:

Active Recovery for Cross Fit Athletes

This physically active class will strengthen + lengthen muscle groups.

We will open the front body, work the posterior chain and activate deep core stabilizers.

A chance to relax and release muscles -

a perfect compliment to your weekly workout routine


6:00 AM EST

30 mins


To take a virtual class:

* you will need to sign a waiver (I will email one to you if you haven't filled one out already)

Click below to: 


* Pay via:


Venmo: @Missy-Carta

* Let me know what class(es) you want to take (night before the class at the latest) so I can send you the Zoom link and password 

Zoom ID #: 691-949-7623

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