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Virtual Classes

 Check back frequently as the October Schedule will vary


H.I.I.T Yoga* 

F. Sept 25, M. Sept 28, F. Oct 2

7:30 am

30 mins

$6/class OR 2 classes/$10

* This class will get your heart rate up and offers low and high impact options -

so it is great for all levels.

You will burn fat, tone your muscles and boost your overall health while building total body strength, increasing flexibility, balance and mindfulness.

You'll feel strong and energized at the end of class.

*Optional: set of weights or water bottles/cans of soup

Strength & Flexibility for Athletes

F.  Sept 25

10 am

45 mins


A well-rounded practice (beneficial to all) that focuses on creating more range of motion in the upper and lower body.  Over the course of the month we will increase flexibility in the areas that athletes need it most - calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes & shoulders.  Consistent flow will challenge endurance and increase overall strength

Yoga for Runner's Recovery

F. Oct 2

10 am

30 mins


 Runner's Recovery is beneficial post-run or anytime you're feeling tight in your lower body.  You don't have to be a runner to gain the benefits from this class.  It's so important to take the time to recover and stretch in order to reduce the risk of or prevent injury.  We will work on our ability to ease up - so we can relax and encourage muscles to release accumulated tension.  

This well-balanced class will leave your legs feeling open and prevent runner's tightness - you'll walk away feeling more agile and flexible.

To take a virtual class:

* you will need to sign a waiver (I will email one to you if you haven't filled one out already)

* Pay via:


Venmo: @Missy-Carta

* Let me know what class(es) you want to take (night before the class at the latest) so I can send you the Zoom link and password 

Zoom ID #: 691-949-7623

In - Person Classes

Sign up at

Monday's 9:30 am  Cardio Barre

45 mins

Thursday's  8 am Sweat & Sculpt

45 mins

Friday's  9:30 am  Yoga Flow

(starting Oct. 16)

45 mins 

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