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3 Poses to Open the Front Body

Let's face it, we are often in a forward rounded position from desk work, driving or scrolling. Runners and cyclists spend a lot of time in this forward position too! There's nothing wrong with any of this... but we need to be sure we are working our body in a balanced way. Too much of something, without spending time doing the opposite has potential to be problematic. So here are 3 poses that help to counteract the forward and rounded position.

wide cobra

Wide Cobra with optional shoulder dips:

Come into a wide arm cobra with the hands cupped and fingertips gripping and strongly pressing away from the floor. Stay here or dip the right shoulder down towards the center of your mat while rotating the chest slightly left. Come back to center and dip the left shoulder down towards the center of your mat. Keep pressing into the floor with your fingertips as you move through this a few times.

chair pose with hands interlaced

Chair with hands interlaced:

Come into Chair pose and interlace the hands behind the low back. Press the heel of the hands together while creating the action of pulling the arms away from each other. Stay for a few breaths and release into a forward fold.

wide leg low lunge with quad stretch

Wide Leg Low Lunge with Quad Stretch:

From Down dog step the right foot forward and wide, so the heel is on the mat, toes slightly turned out and off the mat. Bring the left knee down to the mat. With your right hand reach back and catch hold of the right foot. With the foot press into the hand, with the hand resist that. Creating this action will make your quads work in their lengthened position and that is a good thing! We want strength and control in our flexibility. Repeat on the second side.

Add these poses to your recovery routine or use them as a quick desk break (especially if you work from home!).

What is your favorite way to open the front body?

This post is for informational purposes only. It is just my own opinion based off of my experience and knowledge at this time. There's always more to learn and consider - not all poses work for everyone so please honor and respect your body and your level of training. Always do what is best for you.

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