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Achy, Sore Feet? Try this Myofascial Release for your feet

I love rolling out my feet - especially after a run or at night after a long day of being on my feet. My son also rolls his after a long game of catching behind home plate! So, whatever the reason may be, most everyone will feel the benefits of this simple myofascial release for sore, tired feet.

You'll need a tennis ball or my personal favorite, RAD Recovery Rounds or something similar. Start by placing the ball under the center of your foot and roll the ball from the ball to the heel - up and back. Adjust the pressure as needed. It should feel relaxing and relieving, not where you are gritting your teeth... breath should be smooth. After about 30 seconds or so, switch to rolling along the inner side of your foot (big toe to heel). Then after a few rounds, roll the outer side of the foot. To finish up roll the ball in a scribbling pattern - just all around, in all directions.

Once you finish up with the first foot, stop and place both feet under your hips. Close your eyes and just bring your awareness to how both feet feel. Notice any similarities and/or differences. Maybe the one you just rolled will "feel so much lighter" as my kid described it so perfectly.

Do the same sequence on your other foot. Then when you finish, pause with both feet on the ground and notice how they feel.

Hope you try it out and be sure to let me know how it goes!

As always, honor and respect your body - MFR is not for everyone as certain considerations may apply. Please reach out with any questions and be sure to read my previous article regarding MFR and the benefits of performing it.

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