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Activate your Core!

Here's a quick and effective flow to fire up the full circumference of your core. Activating and further strengthening your core on a consistent and frequent basis in important for a few reasons - here are a few:

  • it’s your stabilization system - a strong and efficient core is necessary for maintaining proper muscular balance throughout your whole body

  • when your core is strong you’re able to move optimally and efficiently

Follow along to get many of the muscles on the front, sides and back of core activated as we flow through some seated shapes and into a plank series. We'll round it out with a standing lunge accessing our rotational abdominal muscles! Let me know how it went for you!

Feeling tense in the shoulder and upper back region? Try this flow.

Tight around your hips from a long period of sitting, a run or lower body strength training day? Try this!

As always this is just my own opinion based on my experience and knowledge at this time. There’s always more to learn and consider. Not all exercises work for everyone, so please listen to your body and do what is best for you. All terms and conditions apply when viewing videos - please see my website for more information.

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