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Prep for Bakasana with these poses

If you struggle with getting into Bakasana, try these accessible preparatory poses to help your body get into the shape that the pose requires! Side note: there are many other prep poses you can do to help prepare your body for Bakasana... these are just a few of my favorites!

Over the past few months we've been focusing on the shoulder joint in my classes - which has been super helpful in understanding the foundation of Bakasana. First we focused on strengthening the posterior shoulder and back muscles.

Next we progressed into a little more focus on strengthening and stabilizing the posterior shoulder joint by doing "Chaturanga Drills" - you can watch a video of those here.

These practices naturally built a strong foundation in understanding the techniques and physical attributes needed for Bakasana, or Crow pose.

Here are some simple ways to prepare the body for coming into the shape of this pose, whether it be on your back, seated or in the arm balance.

Two simple ways to prepare the shoulders for getting into Bakasana are

  • Cat Back

  • Eagle Arms (do both sides!)

Both of these focus on scapular protraction - spreading the shoulder blades apart.

Flow between baddha konasana and boat pose (any variation) to get the abdominals (and hip flexors) activated.

Getting into Bakasana requires deep hip flexion - those hip flexors are working and so are the adductors.

First, the hip flexors: From down dog, come into a one-legged plank and draw the left knee towards your left upper arm. If you have the range of motion to make the connection, squeeze the knee into the arm. Repeat on the second side

Next, the adductors: Come into a Goddess Squat - with the elbows at the inner knees create the action of the elbows pressing the knees out and the knees resisting that - knees squeeze in.

I like incorporating this one to tie everything together - scapular protraction and hip flexion. From Down dog, come into one-legged plank and draw one knee into the chest while rounding the upper back, like Cat pose. Feel the arms press, the shoulder blades spread apart, the hip flexing while the knee hugs in and the heel draws up towards your sit bone.

There are a variety of preparations you can do to help prepare your body to come into Bakasana Pose. These are just a few of my favorites! Which ones are yours?

As always this is just my own opinion based on my experience and knowledge at this time. There’s always more to learn and consider. Not all exercises work for everyone, so please listen to your body and do what is best for you.

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