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You only get 1 body... give it what it deserves

Every 3-5K miles we take our vehicles into the shop to get an oil change - sometimes we need to add on a realignment and just some general maintenance. Are we doing the same thing for our bodies??

When a light goes off in our vehicle what do we do? Most likely panic. When a “light” goes off in our body - what do we do? We push through it, ignore it or stop any movement whatsoever.

Well, just like cars we require maintenance. Also, like cars, we have wear and tear patterns - especially if we are participating in repetitive movement activities.

Our bodies perform better with consistent “oil changes” and general maintenance… BEFORE that ‘light’ goes off - before something goes wrong.

Ok, so you may be asking, how often should we do this? Every few months like the car? Well, for best results, optimal performance and decreased chance of something going wrong? Multiple times a week. I’m not saying it has to be long. Even just 5 minutes per session can make a huge difference. Myofascial release, Yoga, rest and recovery - all great options for your body. Maybe it’s adding in a few strength training sessions a week. If you’re doing a lot of one thing, it’s a good idea to balance it out with doing the opposite of that thing. That’s general maintenance.

Need more reasons to incorporate myofascial release into your routine? Go here to read about all the benefits. For some myofascial release techniques you can do now, go here.

For stretches you can do now, go here and here.

Check out these links if you're looking to add in some core and/or glute strength.

Looking for an overall well-balanced class that will leave you feeling grounded, strong and refreshed? Check out my on-line or in-person class schedule or contact me if you're looking for a more personalized approach to your training.

So, what do you think - time to take your body in for some general maintenance and self-care? Yes, for sure. You have my permission and if you want or need it, I’m here to help. You deserve a well-running vehicle. After all, it’s the only one you get.

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